barbie + glasses appreciation post

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reign meme: three characters [3/3]

↳ francis valois

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"It was so daunting with all the cameras around [when I first started filming], and I didn’t realise that people would get you what you wanted – I’d ask, ‘Please may I go and get a bottle of water,’ and they’d go, ‘No, I’ll get it for you,’ and that was very strange. It’s normal now – but I still get my own bottles of water!"

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Yeah, even the kiss in Neverland was much more of an Emma just she was happy because she felt like she wasn’t getting anywhere, and it was just, yeah. She’s obviously attracted to him, and she gave him a kiss, but it was for fun. But this one, this one for us felt — this was about more. This was about Emma letting her wall down.

- Eddy Kitsis, There’s No Place Like Home" commentary

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team arrow

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once upon a time appreciation week
day 7: Favorite Overall Moment

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